Download and unzip the file.
Double-click 'run.bat' or 'run2.bat' to start processing the movie.

Note 1: A nice GPU is required.
Note 2: When 'run.bat' is OK but 'run2.bat' stops soon, update the graphics driver.

How to process your own movie

The example image sequence is in 'test' and 'png', and their background image is as 'bg\bg.png'.
Exchange these with your own data.
The file types of bmp, jpg, png, tif(16 bit) are supported.

Note 1: The background image must be 'bg.*', e.g., 'bg.tif', and put it in 'bg' folder.
Note 2: When 'bg.*' is not given, the system tries to estimate it, but I reccommend to prepare the background image in advance.

How to use the results

The alpha mask will be computed in 'test\alpha', and the foreground will be computed in 'test\fore'.
In 'test\test', the composite test with a green background is computed, which is formulated as
Composite Color = Foreground Color x Mask + Green Color x (1 - Mask).


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